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Pink & the Essence of Love

Pink & the Essence of Love by AynCates on January 26, 2013 in Color

The essence of pink is pure unconditional love. Pink invites a sense of sweetness and grace. A newborn baby needs affection to live and thrive and each soul deserves to be celebrated when it arrives here on earth. Pink reminds us of how vastly important motherhood and mothering are in the creation of young psyches. Across the world we need to remember what a blessing it is to have a daughter and that marvelous women live and thrive all over the earth. Pink is a color of the awakened feminine, the part of ourselves in both men and women that sees the mysteries and dances in his or her own unique way. Unconditional love is a quality that can naturally arise from our Eternal Self when needed, even if it was not provided when we were young. As the quality of sweet love opens within us we have a sense of grace and ease. Choosing to unconditionally love our biological children, our inner child, all of the children in the world, is a beautiful and noble task. Those that are held and encouraged to thrive usually have very solid internal foundations and can handle the many experiences life brings. Pink has the ability to support us in listening to inner music, sound, vibration and guidance, as well as supporting us in patiently and kindly listening to others without opinion or judgment. Pink supports the development of clairaudience. When we feel held and loved by the universe our soul stirs and all we want to do is blossom. Roses are symbols of love and are known to invite in qualities of balance, harmony and wellbeing. In Pink we have the opportunity to feel a full connection to the Source of Love. As we embody these qualities we become blessings for the world. Questions for Inquiry: Can you describe what love feels like? Does gentleness have a sound? Can you hum it? Explore the nature of love with yourself or with a group of friends. Say the words “I Am Love” and see what sensations and feelings arise within you. Repeat the words until you feel them. Pink Prayer: Infinite One Please Help Me Recall Your Warm And Tender Embrace In The Moments When I Forget Who I Am Please Whisper Messages To Me So That I May Remember That I Am Love Thank you

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