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Red: The Gift of Life

Red by AynCates on January 26, 2013

Red: The Gift of Life

He who hath found peace with the body Hath built a holy temple Wherein may dwell forever The spirit of God. –Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 2

In light therapy red is described as the slowest moving wave with the greatest impact. Red is associated with the rich dynamism of life. An image comes to mind of the vitality of a mountain lion walking through the forest stalking his prey; we can feel the red flooding us with strength, dynamism and vitality. A more peaceful example is of the sea turtle that has a hard shell that is difficult to penetrate; he moves slowly but has the potential of enduring for a century or sometimes longer.

Red gives us the strength to withstand and overcome the challenges of life. It can rise up within as self-assurance us so that we may defend ourselves and our truth. As we evolve in consciousness we learn to harness the strength and fire that resides in the lower nature of the soul. Red unharnesses our dynamism, gives us juice and energy so we can fully explore the physical world. When we focus all of that energy on awakening we become a lit flame. In his book Creating Peace By Being Peace, Gabriel Cousens writes about the physical body as a manifestation of the laws of life and the cosmos. The red is the first level of awareness, our first opportunity to experience the glorious nature of life. In red we are invited by spirit to learn to come to peace with our physical bodies, our planetary body and our cosmic body.

One day as I was walking in a university garden, the Bird of Paradise flowers seemed to be sending a strong and protective vibration. Openly curious about such mysteries, I developed a natural fascination for them and sat beside the flowers. After a while I became aware of a reddish wave that was wrapping itself around me. I felt as though a wall of defense was being formed around me, assisting me with the formation of a protective boundary. I felt my soul’s innate impenetrable strength and how it increased the vitality of my physical form.

Red is an essence that offers us the strength and the courage to live life to the fullest, to realize we have what it takes, and to openly love our bodies, its creatures and the earth. As symbolized by Dorothy’s ruby slippers, red helps us on our journey Home.

Questions For Self-Inquiry: Explore the sensations that are arising in your body in this moment, what’s happening right now in your physical sensate experience? What messages is your body bringing forward in this moment?

Further Exploration For The Adventurous: With yourself or a group explore experiences and dreams of kundalini or spiritual energy activations. Speak about the ways in which you feel you are awakening. You might begin with these words: “Awakening to my spiritual self feels like…” You might also explore what a completely healthy and vibrant body feels like to you. Feel free to stand up and move your body.

Red Affirmation:


Red supports us in the movement towards embodied awakening, in an experience that is not transcendent or out of body, but an illumination that involves the body. Red offers us the ability to focus on the present moment and the process of awakening so we do not feel overwhelmed by the freshness and vitality of the rising energies. Part of our journey is learning how to increase our awareness so that we can differentiate all of the unfamiliar feelings that are arising within our body/mind complex. Although our energy fields can shift in an instant it takes our personality a while to integrate new material. Staying grounded and embodied are key components of awakening. As we integrate the red of the lotus blossom we begin to sense a part of our true nature that is eternal and which has an innate sense of security and belonging.

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