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Review of “SPARKLE AND THE GIFT” by AynCates on October 31, 2013 in Media

“One day, Sarah announces to her mother that her true name is Sparkle, and that she is a being of light and color. When she is sad because people have forgotten their true natures, her mother tells her the story of a fairy named Kachina. Kachina loved to help the leaves unfurl and the flowers blossom. She heads out of the forest on an adventure, and encounters Joseph, a sad man who has lost touch with the spirits of nature. Kachina helps a beautiful rose blossom into a gift that helps Joseph and his wife remember their connection to the earth and all living things.” “The story is unusual and joyful, and the illustrations charming and unique. This enchanting book will be a treasured favorite for children and adults.” Highly recommended for ages 2-8. – KID’S REVIEWS – By Lyda Whiting

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