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The Light of Howard Wills

The Light of Howard Wills by AynCates on January 25, 2013 in Spiritual Inspiration

Several years ago I was driving in the Arizona desert at dusk and I noticed a ball of light coming down the road as though it was a heat-seeking missile looking for a target. At the time I was suffering from chronic asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities, which had been made worse by the fires that had just burned through the land that we had lived on in Santa Barbara. I was using an inhaler and was told by my doctor that there was no cure an

d that I would have to carry an inhaler with me for the rest of my life. That night as the sun set casting violet and orange colors across the sand, I felt that the light was coming to assist me. I responded to the intuition, got out of my car and looked towards the ball of light and said, “If this is a gift that comes from God then I accept.” At that moment the light went into my chest. I closed my eyes because the energy relaxed my nervous system and felt deliciously warm. I knew in that moment that the light possessed an innate intelligence and I could sense that it was healing my lungs. As the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the Sonora desert I breathed deeply for the first time since I was a teenager. When I got back into my car I tried to call my husband John Patrick, but had no cell reception until I drove higher into the mountains. My son directed me to my husband’s number and I asked him if he was with someone who was praying for me. “You could feel that?” he asked. “I couldn’t miss that!” I exclaimed. “Yes, I am here with a healer named Howard Wills and we just did a session for you,” John Patrick explained. “It worked,” I said. “I can breathe.” I did not meet Howard Wills in person for several more months, but when I went for my annual check up my doctors could not even find any scar tissue in my lungs even though I had struggled with asthma for over thirty years. I no longer need to carry an inhaler. It was a delight later to meet other people who have also had similar experiences.

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