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  • Ayn Cates Sullivan

Ayn's Newsletter - The Light Of The Rising Sun

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dear --

"Each and everyone of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. That knowledge must no longer be kept a secret." - Eben Alexander, MD, Proof Of Heaven

As we begin to awaken to the colorful world around us, we are invited to become aware of the glorious garden that we live in. Spring Equinox is the time of the year when days and nights are equal, when the springtime sun warms the earth and the young shoots begin to unfurl from beneath the soil. Blossoms and leaves appear on trees and we are reminded of all living things. In Greek mythology, young Persephone is allowed to return from the underworld and her mother, Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, delights with her daughter once again ushering in new growth and celebration. 

I like to celebrate this time of year with my children, acknowledge the ways in which they are growing and make plans for the coming year. As I write these words, I am looking at the crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths blossoming beneath the snowy peaks of the Flatiron mountains in Boulder, Colorado. Winter is passing away and the warmth of spring is arriving. A Norse custom is to arise at dawn and dance for joy in the light of the rising sun. Let's enjoy a dance together this year!

Another well known-goddess of dawn and new beginnings is the Germanic Eostre or Ostara (often said to be the name sake for Easter) who was known as the divinity of the radiant dawn. I love to see the multi-colored Easter eggs that children enjoy hiding in the greening lawns and gardens this time of year. 

Our souls understand the language of colors, which are linked with our innate qualities and capacities. Red is a color of strength for our journey; orange our ecstatic creativity; yellow is our joy; green is our compassion; blue is connected to spirit and violet to healing. Colors naturally lead us to resurrection and new birth aligned with loving intelligence.

It is said in Eastern Christianity that Mary Magdalene brought cooked eggs to share with other women who had gathered at the tomb of Jesus after his crucifixion; when she saw the risen Christ the eggs in her basket miraculously turned red. This is a profound image if we ponder if for a moment, for it reminds us that there is a greater intelligence of which we are all a part that loves us beyond belief.

Spring equinox is a time to remember that life is amazing and to count how many thousands of things that have gone right for us. During this week are are supported in opening our eyes to the miracles that surround us always. We can choose to celebrate the goodness that we find in this world and begin to see each other as the beautiful humans that in truth we are. We can be compared to wonderfully decorated eggs or mandalas in a well-woven basket of life.

I invite you to explore a color that is new to you this week and to inquire in and integrate another petal of your soul:

May you dance for joy in the light of the rising sun!



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