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The Miracle Horse

The Miracle Horse by AynCates on January 26, 2013 in Spiritual Inspiration

One afternoon my beautiful horse Noble fell in the arena and twisted his back hind leg. We were concerned that it was fractured for it was facing entirely the wrong direction. The horse was in horrible pain, so I called the vet because I thought for certain he would have to be put down. I called Howard Wills and asked if he could pray to help the horse cross over peacefully. “Put him down?” he thundered. “Why I’ll just heal him.” “No Howard,” I said. “You don’t understand. It’s a horse and I think the hip is fractured, you can’t heal a broken bone on a horse.” “Let me speak to him,” said Howard. I imagine my ranch staff thought I had gone around the twist, but I held the phone up to Noble’s ear. Howard who was over two thousand miles away in Kauai began to speak to Noble and ask for forgiveness for all of the things that humans had done to him that had hurt him. I watched as Noble calmed down and his pain seemed to fade with the gentle breeze. Then the horse began to twitch and move until he had shifted his own leg back into the correct position. Within about twenty minutes he was walking normally. Breathing deeply and with my eyes filled with tears of gratitude I said, “Howard please talk to me for a few minutes so that I can integrate what I saw and believe that it really happened.” He told me about other occasions when he had healed broken bones. In some cases people never mentioned it again because they simply did not think it was possible

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