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Ayn's Newsletter - The World Would Be Bereft Without You

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The World Would Be Bereft Without You by AynCates on June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Once we experience what it is to melt into the absolute bliss of being, our next job is to return and share this wisdom with others. After we empty ourselves of stories that no longer serve us, it becomes crystal clear that each one of carries a unique light and that the world would be bereft without us. Awakening to the true self is a very intimate process. It is as though a bud held in the light of the morning sun responds to the warming rays and dares to reveal its color, scent and its own signature. You have a responsibility to realize and then share your unique gifts with humanity. We all need you. Cristina and I have both studied the Tree of Life in depth and invite you to discover the roots of your own sacred tree. It is time to embody our divinity, to love our partners, children and family, and to support each other in blossoming in our own wild and sometimes surprising ways. I hope you will join us for this rising wave of light. One of the greatest acts of service is to awaken to your true self, and then encourage others. Once we metabolize the lonely and false self that suffers, we often discover with delight the qualities of our true nature. When we are authentically infused with loving kindness, we become exquisite partners, parents and co-authors of our lives. In response to the awakening that is happening across the globe, Cristina Huntley (a graduate of Harvard Divinity School) and I feel guided to begin to share ancient practices for the current era that help us remove the veils of illusion and assist others in the experience of discovering their personal essence. We will begin in August with a free teleconference (which means everyone in the world can join in!) This will be followed by two intimate workshops in Santa Barbara and Ojai, California. The information can be found under events on my website: More details will be added soon. I invite you to join us in a remembering of your radical, wild and unique self. Love, Ayn PS Feel free to write with any personal questions about yourself or the events:

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