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Three Days in the Light

by AynCates on March 23, 2014

Three Days in the Light is a book of blessings, several of which are sung on Maria Cristina’s latest CD “From The Heart.” The Ayn Cates Sullivan shares her mystical light experience of what it is to be released from the confines of the body/mind complex. The story is followed by a series of poems that bless the reader and invite in aspects and qualities of light. Ayn is non-denominational in her approach. This is a book to treasure and call upon whenever you have the need for spiritual sustenance.

I am so moved when I receive letters like this from people who have found one of my books and it has moved them in some special way. It is as though a bird has flown into unsuspecting hands and its message has been gently heard. Dear Ayn, I think Three Days In The Light is very special; very full of high energy; the only thing I can compare it to is a clear crystal that I have; doesn’t seem as surprising that you short circuited various electronics haha. Some of your ideas are definately permitting into my heart; it’s like your books are planting seeds that I get to see later. The richness of colors and emotions being tightly intertwined is starting to reveal itself when I run or other random times. I think I tried for so long to disconnect from my emotional self instead of accepting it; it seems like attempting to reintegrate and understanding aliveness and color are all happening at the same time in small little windows; mostly when I’m out in nature running or reading something. Beautiful! Just so beautiful, and rich. I think that’s best word to describe it rich. Your teachings resonate very deeply with me; and I feel myself reopen ing to them. It’s odd how hidden they are sometimes.. But beautiful to see at the random times I can.. Blessings, Becky Griest The book is beautifully illustrated by Belle Ducray and the stunning cover design is by Lucinda Rae. To order send an email to or purchase on Amazon. This is a limited edition book.

Order Directly – Free Shipping Free CD of Maria Cristina singing the prayers on From The Heart included. Only $19.99

Hard copies of Three Days in the Light are now sold out and out of print. There are some used copies that can be purchased on Amazon. It is available as an eBook.

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