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What Do Healers Do?

What Do Healers Do? by AynCates on January 25, 2013 in Spiritual Inspiration

Healers are not completely understood and embraced by western civilization and for the health of our people and the planet they need to be. Healers are different from doctors because they do not treat diseases. As far as true healers are concerned there is only one ailment, and that is a disconnection from God. Their job is to help us remember the Infinite Light and that we are all part of that great Oneness. Brilliant healers have had an encounter with creation and no longer move from the personality self, but from a light within. Given this definition of healers, every one in our culture including the medical profession can join hands and celebrate. Together we can help to create a beautiful and healthy world in which both the body and the soul are aligned and at peace. Some doctors are also healers, and both generally recognize the value of prayer. Whenever we pray for another being they are helped in some manner. Some people may be given an instant miracle healing from miles away; others will experience greater peace and they may find that events in their lives simply begin to work in their favor; and others will reject the notion entirely. Nevertheless, we need examples of people who live aligned with the Infinite Light for it inspires us to strive to let go of our internal discord and become channels for the divine. Let’s imagine an earth where this is in fact quite normal. When we choose to be positive and want the best for all people and all things, life begins to change for the better and we become the blessing that we seek.

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