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  • Ayn Cates Sullivan

Yay! "Sparkle and the Gift" won the seal of excellence GOLD award

Dear --

Yay! Sparkle and the Gift won the seal of excellence GOLD award -- that's first place -- Mom's Choice Award! We are so delighted to see this work getting out in the world. This is a sign to me that there is a global shift in consciousness!

Sparkle will not forget her inner light and in making this stand, she simply inspires others to remember who they are also. 


From Sparkle & The Gift:

Sparkle says, "Every time you speak with anyone you can give them a color and as long as they love the colors and keep them close by, then eventually people will become rainbows again and they will remember who they are."

"My goodness Sparkle," Alice said. "That's a really brilliant idea. How do you give people colors?"

"Oh," said Sparkle. "You can take them on walks. You can use special words. You can also pick flowers and wild leaves and gather beautiful stones, and then bring them inside so people will never forget. You see, the colors help people remember who they are."


I am inviting you to explore your own colors today. Think of your favorite color and follow this link to learn more about your true nature: COLOR GLOSSARY.

Much Love,


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