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Bart Jackson serves as CEO of Prometheus Publishing, hosts The Art of the CEO radio show, and has spent a delightful journalistic career carting his pen and sense of humor around the globe.


Bart has penned literally thousands of articles for scores of journals worldwide, and a dozen books. He has never interviewed a person who doesn’t have a valuable story to share or enjoy a good joke.


He frequently lectures speaking locally & internationally on business, self-educational, and environmental issues at venues locally and internationally.


He rides his tandem bicycle with his ever-enduring wife Lorraine. You can often find Bart & Lorraine out the back in their home in Cranbury, NJ, tending their vines for the creation of their Château Bonne Chance wine.

For more info, please visit Bart Jackson Website

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Bart Jackson ~ Author


Tachyon Ene

Ever wonder how the successful and satisfied business people got that way? In “Business Basics” they succinctly tell you the tactics, disciplines and mindsets they use. These might work for you, or perhaps they’ll provide some clay for sculpting your own improvement. Either way it all boils down to you.


Author Bart Jackson, with three decades of business writing experience, has compiled these tactics wrung from the hard-won experience of many business leaders. Each one includes the necessary Attitude Adjustments you must make; Blunders to Avoid; and a list of Tips and Tasks.


“Business Basics” is one of the BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides series. These aggressively concise volumes embrace the best ideas of scores of business masters and give the busy individual tools he can apply today.



"Great advice inside. I found lots of great advice about how to approach various aspects of dealing with others in business. A great deal of humor and wit is also included. I would recommend the book to anyone getting started in business who would want a few tips from others who are already successful in business."



"Down to Earth Business Advice. This is a delightful business book containing practical, down to earth ideas to which anyone, in any aspect of business can relate. Written with a good deal of humor thrown in!"

Size: 6" by 9" Portrait


[ Softcover - 978-0615454733 ]

Business Basics

Garden State Wineries Guide: The Tasteful Traveler's Handbook

to the Wineries and Vineyards of New Jersey


No longer the hidden gem of the wine world, New Jersey’s wineries are exploding in popularity and quality. In the first guide on New Jersey wines and wineries published in more than a decade, Jersey’s native son, globe traveling wine taster and winegrower Bart Jackson has carefully profiled each of the Garden Sate’s wineries. His vivid descriptions, historical and factual data about the vineyards, index of the owners’ most prized wines, list of unique vintages, and depictions of special events entice the reader to hit the wine trail. Exact directions and day-size wine trail clusters are also provided. In addition, national experts Gary Pavlis and Anthony Fisher contribute tasting tips and regional essays.



D. Amsden

"Who knew!! I was so surprised to see how many wineries there are in NJ, and this book is a great guide to discover all of them. I'm doing my research now! Seriously a great reference to the many wineries in."


Jeanne M. Murphy

"Attention- Wine Lovers-- check out the Garden State Wineries Guide --New Jersey!!!. If you enjoy wine, visit New Jersey and do a tour of the wineries.....everything you need to know is inside the Garden State Wineries Guide!"

Size: 6" by 8" Portrait


[ Hardcover - ‎ 978-1934259573 ]

Wineries Guide

Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself


Women of business today are doing it just right. And it is wonderful to behold. They have taken the bull by the horns and are enthusiastically growing their careers and companies. This book is penned and dedicated to those women seeking business success and satisfaction. From career launching to finding your seat in the board room or taking your own firm global, experienced experts point the way to what works and what blunders to avoid. Here is a solutions book containing the ideas, techniques, disciplines , and mindsets of hundreds of business leaders. There is no mere cheerleading nor bemoaning of glass ceilings in these pages - rather here are proven methods that have carried other business leaders forward, and hopefully will carry you toward your goals.


D. Amsden
"Insightful and enjoyable. This book had a lot of great examples of women in business who have become successful and what stumbles and trials they might have had to overcome to get to their positions. Seeing how others handled various problematic situations and insight into how women are sometimes perceived in business was enjoyable. Written with a bit of humor too."

Jeanne M. Murphy
"Behind Every Successful Woman is AWESOME!/ Just reading the stories contributed by the women featured in the book was fascinating!

Size: 6" by 9" Portrait


[ Softcover -  978-1475201116]

Behind Every Woman

So that's How They Do It!


So That’s How They Do It blends a little wit and humor, with a boatload of sage advice from those who have mastered the craft of business. In brief, bite-size, easy to read nuggets, international journalist Bart Jackson reveals the best tactics garnered from thirty years of interviewing business’s most successful. From Warren Buffet and Michael Bloomberg to Jack Welch and Sam Walton, these pages are filled with tips and tactics wrung from the hard-won experience of these and other senior corporate executives. Learn to inspire trust, build relationships, and develop your personal brand. Each of the techniques, disciplines, and mindsets are succinctly distilled, affording you scores of “Ah – ha” moments that will sharpen your career. Who says learning the best pathways of business cannot be fun?



Dr. Stephen G. Payne, CEO, Leadership Strategies

"One of the best business guides available, full of practical ideas of what to do and what to avoid."


Ron Tunick, KTVA radio host of "The Business of Life

"A very helpful book...lots of brief, easily readable ideas people can apply.  I like it."


Val Mathews, Solutions Architect, AT&T Gov't Solutions

"An excellent guide. I recommend it to any trying to launch or “understand business."


Colleen Kelly

“Great Book for Business. This book is perfect for obtaining perspective on how the top business executives and CEO's have gotten where they are today. If you are someone like myself, who is always seeking new and informative information on how to keep current and succeed in business, "So That's How They Do It!" is certainly the book for you! Thank you, Bart Jackson for sharing all this useful information in such a creative way!”


D. Amsden

“Lots of practical tips. I enjoyed reading this book and learning from successful business people and their stories of how they used various techniques and attitudes to become successful. The book is written with wit and humor, unlike a lot of other business books I have read. Worthwhile read.”


Jeanne M. Murphy

“This book is perfect for young professionals! and those wishing to attain great success in their professional careers! The stories shared and the strategies are invaluable and it's entertaining to read about some of these "bigwigs" and how they did it!”


Christian Kirkpatrick

“Worth Reading. This book could be called "How to Succeed in Business and Have Fun at the Same Time." Its sound advice could benefit anyone who wants to get ahead in business--or in life.

One person found this helpful”

Size: 6" by 9" Portrait


[ Softcover - 978-1481824521 ]

So thats how

The Art Of The Ceo


Here at last, top chief executive officers from across the globe reveal the proven techniques for those shouldering business' ultimate leadership challenge. Those executives taking aim at the big chair, will discover the full range of training, skills to be cultivated, and methods for career enhancement. For CEOs already walking the command tightrope, this book effectively guides them through the crescendo of responsibility, detailing success techniques for grooming C-suite and board, the army of employees and clients, and the onto the entire community. 'Tis an enjoyable read, told concisely, clearly, with frequent dashes of humor - even cartoons.


Darrell W. Gunter

"One of the best books on being a CEO!. The Art of the CEO is one of the best business leadership books that I read in my career. Once I picked up the book and started to read it in my sun room I could not put it down. The lessons in the book are practical, informative and well developed. The Art of the CEO contains 14 chapters comprised of 159 pages. Each page is full of wisdom. For those executives who have acheived the status of CEO, this book is the mirror that you must look into and ask yourself how do you measure up and what is your gap analysis and your plan of action to address your gaps. For those executives aspiring to be a CEO, what are you waiting for, the lesson begins today with the reading of The Art of the CEO!"


Brian Greenberg

"A must read for any CEO or business person. Bart has a great sense of humor and has a talent for articulating complex concepts into its simplest form. This is a must-read for any CEO or business person."


Christian Kirkpatrick

"A Step-by-Step Guide to the Corner Office. What does it take to rise to the top, to become a CEO? Bart Jackson and his advisors explain how to groom yourself to become a corporate leader. Drawing from personal experience, they outline what to study, what to wear, how to speak, and what to do to rise in business. And they do so with humor and style. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to lead in business--or any other field."

Size: 6" by 9" Portrait


[ Hardcover - 978-1493735242 ]

Art of Ceo

102 Best Business Quips

A "quip" is a joke, our homourous comback. In our belief that the hard-laboring folks in the business community deserve a ledger-load of levity more than most, we humbly proffer these witticisms for your entertainment. The jovialities within these pages poke a little wry and revealing fun at everything from fabulous fiscal blunders to devoutly cherished managerial misconceptions. And tripping lightly of the heels of each quip comes a frequently-reasonable afterthought to ponder.

Size: 4" by 6" Portrait


[ Softcover - 978-0692689967 ]

102 Best Quips
Ceo Yourself

CEO of Yourself: Getting Down to the Business of Your More Rewarding Life


Would you like a guide that gives you personally the ability to - Grow like Google? - Bounce back from failures like Microsoft? - Profit from compassion like the marvelous Pope Francis? - And find all that fun that no one else seems to be having?


CEO of Yourself arms you with a set of old-fashioned solutions that have been neglected too long. All those proven elements – Character, Principles, Endurance, and Unbridled Enthusiasm - help you roll up your sleeves, blow away today’s fog of devices and distraction, and set the Enterprise of You on an honest & joyful path. Pick up your copy of CEO of Yourself , take the helm, and get down to the business of Your more rewarding life.


Nina C. Reisman

CEO of Yourself is a very encouraging and insightful book. Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive, this book has helped me already in my quest to plan the remaining years of my career and future retired life. Filled with practical and engaging ideas, Bart leads the reader through self-assessment to recognition of their innate capabilities and talents. Then he provides encouragement and challenges ("broccoli moments") to take one to task in the cause of self-betterment. With wonderful tidbits and sayings, he takes you inside your soul and brings you out encouraged and ready to be your best self. Thanks Bart, I needed this. Mark Reisman, Senior Consultant

Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

The bedrock of intelligent negotiating involves knowing who you are, precisely what you want, and how you may achieve those goals you deem most valuable. And Bart Jackson has created a practical, witty book that guides the reader in discovering the answers to all three of these vital elements. Never has the journey toward self-mastery been laid out more precisely and practically with a humorous wit that will keep you smiling all the way to success.


Senator Bill Golden

If only those mythical heroes of old had prepared their life’s journey by reading Bart Jackson’s CEO of Yourself, they might have easily overcome their existential challenges, have been guided to their treasure with the precision of a GPS, and enjoyed the journey with the entertaining wit and stories of a hero who has been there and back.


Mark Reisman, Senior Consultant, Merrill Lynch

Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive, this book has helped me already in my quest to plan the remaining years of my career and future retired life. Filled with practical and engaging ideas, the author leads the reader through self assessment to recognition of their innate capabilities and talents. Then he provides encouragement and challenges (“broccoli moments”) to take one to task in the cause of self-betterment. With wonderful titbits and sayings, he takes you inside your soul and brings you out encouraged and ready to be your best self. Thanks Bart, I needed this.


Val Matthews, Solutions Architect, IBM

It’s a shame they no longer ban books in Boston.


Ramona Braganza, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Founder, 3-2-1 Empower

Training people to achieve their goals involves preparing them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Instead of mere “Yes you can” cheerleading, this book lays it all out and says, “Here’s how.” The author doesn’t just tell you you’re marvellous, he takes you step, by mindset, by action, and makes you prove it to yourself. In a straightforward, always fun style, each chapter arms you with the blueprint and powers you need on your individually chosen journey. And most refreshing, this is not a makeover book. It coaches and shows you that you already possess everything necessary to achieve the character you desire, and the goals you want to achieve. A vital empowerment guide. You need it. You’ll enjoy it.


Bruce Boyd, Founding CEO, Building Our Youth Development

Growing up my father typically called me Boss. Not really understanding at five years old, later in life I would identify boss as someone who tells others what to do. After reading CEO of Yourself, I realized that the best boss isn’t the one who tells others what to do but actively listens and uses that information to tell himself what to do. This book helped me in my adult years to understand I am my own man – and my own brand, and that I first must understand me. This is a page-turner and a vital guide for the young and old. I’m so glad I found it!


Hunter Hastings, CEO, Economics for Business

Self-reliance and self-management are quintessentially American life skills – inherent in American individualism. Any one of us can be President or Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is virtually untrammelled in her decision-making power, but there is no one else to blame if those decisions do not produce. Bart Jackson brilliantly and instructively combines these two concepts of self-reliance and no-one-else-to-blame to help us identify and make good choices in our own lives and careers. As he says, “The choice, my friend, is truly yours”. Bart Jackson tells us how to be conscious and realistic about unlimited but not unconstrained choice. First, we must consider ourselves to be absolutely marvellous. (There’s a whole chapter on that.) Then we must be capable of identifying the array of choices available. Then, there is attitude. Bart tells us how to establish and sustain attitudes over time – our character. This author is uniquely qualified to deliver these insights. He has interviewed and studied more on-the-job CEOs than anyone else in America. His data is vast and impeccably sourced. Secondly, he has mastered the art of turning his data into meaningful insights for you. How? By understanding what is going on in your head, in your life. It’s an incredible skill, and you’ll realize. Bart Jackson’s gift as you read this deeply-researched book.

Size: 6" by 9" Portrait


[ Softcover - 978-0997046779 ]

In The Words

In The Words of My Wife's Husband:

Radio Raconteur Bart Jackson Tells Just What's So Funny About Business


At last, here is your complete sourcebook of business humor. Here's your chance to dip in, seize a fistful of wry wit, and pass it along to your fellow dream chasers at work. Bart Jackson believes that the greatest wisdom flies in on the wings of laughter, and for the last decade he's become known as the man who portrays business in the jocular vein. Bart's Business Quips books have provided professionals with barrelsful of quotable zingers to spice up their workdays and their presentations. As host of The Art of The CEO Radio show, Bart has been joyously jesting at the lunacies, piercing the pomposities, and celebrating those clever, inventive folks who make up the business community. This volume culls and combines the very best and funniest of his quips, jovial repartee with radio guests, and those sardonic, final takeway Parting Shots which Bart always launches with, "In the Words of My Wife's Husband..." May you read. laugh, share, and grow nearly wise. P.S. Don't miss Bart's Curmudgeopedia with its devilish definitions of business jargon.


Greg, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

"This book will excite you and motivate your senses of wonderment! In his latest book, “In The Words of My Wife’s Husband,” Bart has once again tickled one’s imagination and excited the reader’s funny bone while offering words of wisdom to the reader’s mind.


Bart has filled this book with thought-provoking quips and quotes from which the reader will become inspired to more profound thoughts and contemplations. As such, this book will make you ponder the possibilities of ‘what if,’ as it illuminates your mind with ‘why not’ thoughts that will promote you to higher thinking. This book will do that while putting and leaving a smile on your face.


If you want to laugh, ponder, and be inspired all at the same time, I highly suggest you purchase and read “In The Words of My Wife’s Husband.” You’ll be the wiser for doing so!"


Val Mathews

"Real Business with Real Humor for Real People. Humor focusing on serious and important subjects has, over the centuries, helped mankind retain some level of mental health. In this book, I believe Bart Jackson has cheerfully pushed this concept forward relative to our adventures of business today. His last chapter “Fistful O’ Quotes” provides insightful and relevant sayings from the famous and infamous, and he thoughtfully includes a section of relevant quotes by several of his many readers. I recommend you read it and get copies for several of your business colleagues with whom you can then chuckle about your own shared business war-stories."

Size: 6" by 9" Portrait


[ Softcover - 978-0578738222 ]

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