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Ayn's Newsletter Winter 2020

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Infinite Light Publishing & Media, LLC

Fellow mystical travelers, the words we share with each other matter.

We never know when a gift, a book, or a message might make

an enormous difference in a person's life.


I have a message to share that might just make you dance with joy. According to many Western Astrologers, we are preparing enter the Age of Aquarius, a time of increasing love, peace and harmony. I know there is debate about this, and there is plenty of evidence to th contrary, but I have read astrology charts for over thirty years

and I believe it is true.

We are beginning to enter a new cycle for all of humanity!

It's time to let the sun shine in!

On December 21, 2020 at 1:20pm EST

we officially enter the Aquarian Age!!!

We will be putting together an event to celebrate

this transition into the Aquarian Age,

a long awaited and welcome era

that promises peace, love and higher consciousness.

I will keep you posted!



Many people have been asking about Infinite Light Publishing & Media, so I wanted to share a little bit about how it came into being. My aim here is to inspire you, because our unique and creative voices matter now more than ever before.

I started Infinite Light Publishing in 2012, so that more spiritual messages could get out into the world. Now, with rampant censorship, it is more important than ever to keep independent publishing alive, and we have!

Infinite Light Publishing & Media has had a very busy year. We have learned a lot about editing, printing, digital production, book sales and global distribution! I hope you will take a moment to look over our many books. We have a new fulfillment center set up in Colorado and deeply appreciate it when you make purchases directly off our website.

Let's help Indie Publishing Thrive!

Ho ho ho!

We currently have several holiday sales >>>

Christmas Sale 25% OFF selected books

Enter This Discount Code at Check Out: Sale36924



A new author, the well-known spiritual teacher, Dr Gabriel Cousens, joined us this year with Into The Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography. If anyone wants to know what it takes to be officially declared "liberated" you might love thi book. It is filled with mystical teachings and nourishment for the soul and it rivals Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. The book launched in October, became an Amazon best-seller, and has already gone into a second printing. It is also available now as an audio book on Audible and other places.

Dr Gabriel Cousens' Autobiography

Into The Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography is about the wild adventurous life that led to the liberation of Gabriel Cousens, MD. It is also filled with many teachings that uplift the soul. The book takes us through the unique process of classical spiritual awakening and liberation in several paths including Yoga and the Torah-Kabbalistic traditions, and also also his experiences in the Lakota Sundance, Eagle Dance and Spirit Dance. It includes Dr Cousens' unique teachings of spiritual nutrition, and the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace. Perhaps the most important message is that we can spiritually awaken, become Self-Realized and that Spiritual Liberation is possible.

Just in time for the Holidays

we have three new


These exquisitely illustrated hardcover industry standard children's picture books

are for ages 4-7 but are loved by all ages.

Kachina's Rose is about a fairy who, like most nature spirits, knows how to co-create with life. Feeling it is time to explore the world, she flies across the planet and is surprised by what she finds. Wanting to help, she makes a healing rose with magical results. This book can accompany the longer continual reader Sparkle & The Gift.

Ella's Magic is about a young girl who has special powers that she does not understand. She is bullied at school for being different until she meets Cosmos and realizes that she has the gift of healing. This is a lovely book for Lightworkers of all ages. This book can accompany the longer continual reader Sparkle & The Light.

Undina's Spell is an entirely new addition to the Sparkle series. This magical tale - available now - is about a young girl named Eva who is prompted by concerned animals and nature spirits to venture into the Inner World of Dreams. On her quest, she faces a fire breathing dragon and encounters a gnome before meeting the Old Woman, the ancient one who knows how to save the world. Next year, this easy reader will accompany the continual reader Sparkle & The Dragon Awakeners (due to launch in 2021).

Nimue: Freeing Merlin

I am happy to share that my first novel, Nimue: Freeing Merlin is currently in production and is scheduled to launch February 1, 2021. Here is some love, light and magic for the romantic mystic:

Nimue is modern day heroine's quest for the True Self.

Realizing that the world as we know it will be destroyed unless she can find where she hid Merlin, Nina travels back in time only to remember an old romance, and to discover that she is more magical than she realized.


A Most Wonderful Journey Into The World of Magick!

"The most beautiful stories are those which move and uplift the Soul, touching it so deeply and profoundly that one cannot help but feel changed inside. This is a true gift, and Ayn Cates Sullivan is a master at creating such stories. Nimue: Freeing Merlin, is a wonderful journey in which you will be drawn into the world of Creation, Magick, Enchantment, Wisdom, above all, Love. You will be transported into ancient Celtic lands, hearing the whispers of those who were keepers of what was and still is, Sacred to humanity. And you will become witness to a Love story between Merlin and Nimue which is boundless and eternal. Your Heart will be ever transformed. Thank you Ayn for writing this beautiful story, reminding us all of the Love, Light, and Magick we hold inside…that anything is possible."

– Leslie Sloane, creator of the Auracle Cards

SPECIAL OFFER -- We are just beginning to accept pre-orders.

Those who purchase in 2020 will receive a free audio book.


Wisdom of the Ages Podcast

Each week I offer spiritual monologues, interviews with authors, spiritual teachers and wisdom keepers on Wisdom of the Ages. I now have over 300,000 monthly listeners. Come join us. Let's dream in a new humanity together...

Click here for more inspiring podcasts:

We wish you Happy Holidays!

May we be grateful for freedom

of speech, good friends,

and inspiring books to curl up with.

Many blessings,

Ayn Cates Sullivan

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